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Thread: Canadian and Brit team up for Olympic try

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    News Canadian and Brit team up for Olympic try

    After living and competing in Canada for several years, Britain's Robert Paxton finally found a pairs partner in Canadian Erica Risseeuw with whom he could reach the international stage. Now the team has a chance to compete in the Olympics in Canada.

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    They actually don't have any chance whatsoever to skate in Vancouver because i'm fairly certain she doesn't have citizenship and unless they relocate to train (which still wouldn't get them it in time for 2010) there's no way she'll get it because she hasn't been resident in the UK.

    In any event the BOC has a rule about skaters going to the Olympics having to place at the previous worlds and Risseeuw&Paxton were not sent to worlds (Kemp&King were sent) so by those rules Kemp & King have got it in the bag (and i actually think the BOC has already named them to the team. as the only couple elligible by their rules).


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