After parting with my collection of 100s of tapes, I am down to my last 34 these are what I have left, available first come first serve!

I have lots of unique skating videos, most are on 9 or 10 hours tapes, so there is lots of stuff on one tape. they are from us, canadian TV, cable, cn8 and many other channels many not shown on regular us television, if you want to know which skaters are featured just let me know and I can check them. Some are professional and some are amateur skating.

If you are looking for a particular skater let me know who and I can tell which tapes have footage of them for you.

You can contact me at kelkeld34@yahoo. com

My whole skating list is at http://www.geocitie 139/sklist. html

CTV ICE TIME! Talk show about skating, 5 episodes CTV from spring 1996

1995 Skate America
Skate Canada CTV coverage, exhbiitons
1995 Trophee Lalique, Nationals Cup, NHK, exhbitions
1996 Champions series finals, dance, women
1996 Eurpeans
Centenial on Ice women, pairs
Starlight challenge (in NYC)

Spring 2004 Marshalls world figure skating challenge

Fall 1995 amateur team challenge (spring 95 programs)
Norwestern Team championships, torvil and Dean, yamaguchi and others part 1 & 2
1995 Skate Canada Fox 25 coverage
Fall 1995 Ice Wars, Nancy kerrigan and Bauil rematch

2004 Cup of Russia
E! channel Oprah winfrey

2006 Nationals (right before olympics!)
Beginning of 06 olympics Kwan intereview,
Some pairs short programs, most of pair LP

2004 European championships
2004 worlds

end of 1998 olympics, some dance competitions
lots of interviews with kwan and lipinskin and bobek
1998 Golden gala exhibition in Tokyo of all medalists
1998 Great Skate Debat pro-am
Hershey's figure skating challenge

1997 Nationals Championships
1997 world championships
both ABC and ESPN complete coverage

1998 skate international of France from Sports Channel
1998 European Championships from ESN
1998 Legends Professional Pilot Championships

1996 National Championships
1996 World Championships
Michelle Kwan on David Letterman

Home video of Nancy Kerrigan `81-'89, regionals, sectional, and nationals competitions

1995 Skate America, ice dance, women, mne
1995 Trophee Lalique, Nationals Cup, exhbitions, NHK,
96 champion series final

1999 skate America
Skate Canada, Nations cup, lalique, cup of russia

Canadian TV coverage, not shown in US
1996 NHK womens' short program
1996 Skate Canada wsp, wlp
1997 Champion series final WSP

1997 Canadian Championships women
Ice time candian tv series on skating spring 97

Fall 1997 ICE WARS
Some of Ekaterina Snowden on Ice, scott Hamilton
Season leading up to 1998 olympics
1997 Skate America women, pairs men,
97 nations cup
97 Skate Canada women
Skate France, cup of russia, Kwan and Lipinski exhibitions
Champion series final women

Olympic Festival-Tara Lipinski and Steiglers all women and pairs, men dance
Amateur Team challenge
96 TOC skater on Maury Povitch, surya, nicole, rudi , meno and sand and others
Metropolitan Open

1998 Canadian open pro-am
1999 world professional
1998 Japan open, pairs long, kurt, todd, Ice Dance
world Challenge of champions, exhbitions, oksana

leading up to 1998 olympics
1998 National Championships
98 europeans
Champion series final
1998 Olympics, interviews and pairs,

1998 Olympics
(this is a 10 hour tape)
interviews, women short long, exibitions, pairs

2007 Jr. Grand prix, from CN8
2007 Jr. Nationals Championships CN8

1997 Continents cup,
some of 1997 Ice Wars

1998 Junior worlds
99 nationals, europeans, 99 canadians
Naomi Nari Nam on us Olympic gold
4 Continents Cup
TONYA Harding on Roseanne talk show (this one is hilarious!)

1999 Ice Wars
Improv Ice 1999
Skating Winter solstice from japan
1999 Masters of Figure skating from TNT
Thin Ice (gossip of the skating world)
Canadian Open
Katerina Witt on VIP

Elvis on Ice tour
Ladies professional championships
1997 Junior wolds ESPN
96 Eurpeans, and exhibitions
gymnastics tour of champions
tonya harding 1994 new zealand hard copy

2004 National championships
2004 4 continents cup

2005 nationals
episode of SNL
episodes of starting over

2001 Nationals held in Boston
lots of local boston news reports on nationals
2001 4 continents cup
Grand prix final
Sarah hughes on today show
Europeans, men dance pairs

skate america 2000
skate Canada, Nations cup. Lalique, cup of Russia, NHK

2001 skate america
Michelle Kwan on Arthur
skate Canada, WSP, WLP, men sp, pairs sp, dance free
Nations cup. 4 continents cup
cup of Russia, NHK

skate america, wlp
skate Canada, WSP, WLP, bourne and kratz, OD and free dance,
skate canada exhibitions
4 continents cup, grand prix finals, women, men and dance
Nations cup. 4 continents cup
cup of Russia, NHK

2004 Canadian Championships CTV

1996 great moments on Ice CBS
Hershey team challange

***I also have many amateur competitions from the 2004 season I am still sorting thru about 5-6 tapes