After parting with my collection of 100s of tapes, I am down to my last few and:chorus: these are what I have left, available first come first serve!

I have lots of unique skating videos, most are on 9 or 10 hours tapes, so there is lots of stuff on one tape. they are from us, canadian TV, cable, cn8 and many other channels many not shown on regular us television, if you want to know which skaters are featured just let me know and I can check them. Some are professional and some are amateur skating. Happy to give for costs as well.

If you are looking for a particular skater let me know who and I can tell which tapes have footage of them for you.

You can contact me at kelkeld34@yahoo. com

My whole skating list is at http://www.geocitie 139/sklist. html

2004 Skate America, skate cananda
Fall 2004 ICE WARS

Galas Japanese TV
skate America Gala, Cup of China gala,
Trophee Bombard Gala, Cup of Russia Gala

2004 NHK, Cup of Russia, Russian TV

2004 skate Canada, Trophee Bombard, French TV

2004 Canadian championships

1997 worlds

1995 Hershey's pro-am
Great moments on ICe CBS

2004 Cup of russia russian TV