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Thread: The "It Factor"

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    With all due respect - I can't ever remember a skater disappearing as fast as Tara did. Even Oksana, who never really trained again after winning OGM lasted a few years on the cheesey Pro circuit. I could never say Tara had much "it" factor........just a few judges out to show they were still in control, even without a contending skater. What was it that Tat said back in Nagano?
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    Like I said earlier-I was not much of a Tara fan during her brief stint, but I can recognize and appreciate she had a lot of presence on the ice and a star quality. I don't think longevity plays a part in the "it" factor. I certainly enjoyed Naomi Nari Nam, she grabbed and held my attention, yet due to injuries, only spent, what, 3 seasons as a Senior, ending her Singles career at 16 years old, before she could fully develop as a Senior skater. I feel she had "it" in spades.

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