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I feel a bit bad for saying this, because I don't have all the facts about Johnny's health - but how about eating something here and there? I e.g. can't even pay attention in a lecture if I haven't eaten in the morning. And there are dozens, really dozens of studies that prove that it severely damages your health if you don't eat decently (e.g reduces you leukocyte and lymphocyte count). The average man needs between 2200 and 2600 calories a day. An athlete can eat, depending on his sport, around 3000 a day. You can't eat that much salad and drink that much coffee.

During the summer we get some photos of Johnny, where he looks actually healthy for a change. But when the season starts and continues, he keeps looking thinner and thinner... Changing it now is basically impossible, because that will throw him off his jumps. But fact is that a Brian Joubert lands his jumps with 74kg (I think), and Joubert is only 3 or 4 centimetres taller than Johnny.

(perhaps someone should tell him that not eating enough, makes you age faster, makes your hair fall out earlier etc. - sometimes you have to appeal to people's vanity in order to change their minds)
I thought I should say this, b/c some ppl may really worry about Johnny's eating habits / health. During 2008 worlds I was staying at the official hotel. Unlike other skaters, Johnny had his breakfast with the mortals, i.e. ppl without ISU/ press accreditation. I sat next to him almost every morning and saw what he was eating. He ate: a. enough (more than me), b. healthy.

He didn't look starved to me either.