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Thread: Chan Starts Working on the Quad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz View Post
    Patrick has the most super posture and flow over the ice. Only Johnny Weir has that. Maybe Adam if he gets rid of the morozov choppiness.
    My point, of course, who among the consistent quadders can show precision flow and posture over the ice? Who could one name who isn't an ardent fan?
    I think i'm struggling to come up with a name because who can be said to be a "consistent quadder"? I think the only man we can say is consistent with the quad is probably Joubert who does haev good posture and flow but not on a level with Weir or Chan.

    The unkown possible consistent quadders could be Takahashi and Pluschenko but we won't know til the season is underway how their quads are looking though Pluschnko's seemingly doing well with it now, Takahashi though I think may struggle to get it back as he's only just recently been allowed back on the ice to jump.

    The only other guy I can think of is Verner who IMO has the best posture and flow over the ice but he certainly is not consistent, although he seems to have a high success rate with the quad itself (its the rest of the jumps towards the end of the programme that go MIA).


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    well well well, i would not believe I would live to see this, but I totally disagree about plushenko.
    He has all the goods of the world and great posture but not the edges of chan. Do we speak about flow and posture in general?Cause I understood something different.
    I would not consider Plush's flow or use of edges comparable to chan, his flow is based on strength and speed so in the question of Joe he was not a candidate. While we are on the subject neither Joubert can be compared on that, his skate is based on speed also. Chan is smooth and really spectacular on that, still I prefer the way Takahashi, Verner (quads) and most of all Weir (no quad) move on ice. Thats just my view of course
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