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Thread: Prediction Thread for Trophée Eric 2009

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    Yu-na and Carolina are the only ladies in TEB that can have fully rotated 3-3 combos. Carolina has some inconsisteny issue, but if she is consistent, she will be definitely one of the top ladies! They both have speed, height, distance which will get them good GOE.

    The others are somehow behind in their jump qualities. Those who have 3-3 have either underrotation and prerotation problems (e.g. Mao, including her 3 axels) or tiny jumps in terms of height and/or distance (e.g. Caroline, Mao). Some can only do 3-2 combos.

    Thus, my predictions:

    1. Yu-na Kim
    2. Carolina Kostner (if consistent)

    The others are hard to decide, but:

    3. Mao Asada (Even if her jump quality is not as good, her posture and step sequence is wonderful. Her reputation will do too)
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