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But the other side of me says, Michelle has lived her youthful dream. Rachael, Caroline, Mirai and the rest have dreams, too.
This is the kind of argument I hate. Yeah, others have dreams, but they're not the legendary Michelle Kwan. They haven't earned anything like what she's earned. The whole world would be agog to see if she could pull off this comeback.

Personally I don't think she can and I don't want to watch her pant and struggle. I would personally rather watch the young 'uns develop. But if Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan got to try it, so should Kwan. It has nothing to do with being nice or fair to the kiddies. It's all about who's the best. The kiddies have to earn it.

I don't mean to be disrespectful by calling the teenagers "kiddies" but there is a parental overtone in some views on this subject. As if skating competitions were birthday parties where all the children must be invited so no one gets their feelings hurt. Pshaw!

Anyway, my answer to the q is, I hope not. But she has the right.