This is Joannie's second win but will she?

There is a question of the podium when one considers, in addition to Joannie, there is Kiira, Carolina, Fumie, Akiko, Rachael, and Mirai. as top contenders. Remember it's all about winning gold and silver and possibly bronze. It counts equally with TEB and the other 5 GPs. Don't underestimate it.

I would think this is joannie's ticket to the Finals. She is one of the top contenders in Ladies FS today. The other Ladies I listed, imo, are not to be snuffed at. I particularly like Rachael, Akiko and Mirai, and am anxiously waiting to see some sort of competitiveness in this GP. It should be worth watching without the priviledged, but for those who earned it to be here.

The Gentlemen

This seems to be Evan's event unless he melts. He is not the best at GPs.

The Field, however, has a number of interesting wannabees; Voronov, Constesti, Ponsero, Ten, and Oda. Which two will rise to the occasion is a wait and see. They all compete either in a badly or in a winning mode. Watch this one as a real tough prediction to make.

The Pairs

Well, welcome back to the priviledge ones. No doubt they have kept in shape and are out to be be better than their country team mates. Pang and Tong are not the TBA. Evora and Ladwiq do not get two GPs, probably for the Common Sense factor. Meagan and Craig have an uphill battle. Others are worth a watch as I found them entertaining.

Ice Dance

Obviously Belbin and Agosto will try to top Khokhlova and Novitski. Why not? Will Chock and Zerlein blow every ones mind in Seniors? My own pick would be Weaver and Poje but that's not going to happen. I also like that Ukrainian team of the lady with the long name and Sergei. Watch it. Ice Dance does show skating at its best. No barrel jumping quads. Just blade to ice.