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Thread: Rostelecom Cup, formerly COR - Analysis

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    Rostelecom Cup, formerly COR - Analysis

    We haven't seen anyone skate since the World Championships or even since the World Team Championships, and we will not see this competition until 22 October. Save your favorites for the prediction threads later on.

    The Ladies

    In addition to 3 US Ladies (Cziny; Meissner, Wagner there is the 3rd place World Champion Miki Ando, and also the 4th place Mao Asada. What is the JF thinking in allowing these two top skaters in the same GP? Of course, they could both get gold and silver and move them into the Finals. Then there is Leonova in her home country. Will she be up to it. And those US Ladies, will one of them rise to the podium? Poykio is a well seasoned skater. Keep tuned.

    The Gentlemen

    Another colossal(sp) Field of Gold wannabees: Can Chan, Kozuka, and Weir overtake the 2006 Olympic Champion? and then there is the ubiquitous Keven vander Perren along with Sawyer, Mroz and Lutai. Don't miss this event. It will tell us much about the Men's field in general.

    The Pairs

    Has Pang and Tong lost it? Kawaguti and Smirnov in their host country. Broder and Mattatal will skate to prove they are deserving to be here, Has McLaughlin and Brubaker got a fighting chance here? And who is tht TBA from Russia?

    Ice Dance

    Since many posters feel for Davis/White, can they stand up to Domnina/Shabalin? Have Findlay/Richaud replace Carron/Jost in their rivalry with Cappellini/Lanotte? Three other good team are here: Crone/Poirier, Copely/Stagnius, and Rubleva/Shefer btw, the Hermanns are back.
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