The Ladies

Miki and Yukari will battle it out with TBA. I wonder who that will be? Mao has back to back GPs in France and Russia.. Akiko has two already. Will we be getting a new star from Japan?

The rest of the Ladies: Lepisto, Leonova, and Meier. Can Meissner or Wagner slide into a medal here? Could be an interesting segment.

The Gentlemen

WOW This is another TOP draw comp and a Second Tier romp as well.

First and formost is the Retun of Dai!!! and he will be battling it out with Taka, Brian, Abbott and Weir. What more could you ask for? But wait the second tier is nothing to laught at: Chiper (they dropped the u in his name); Jeremy Ten; Brezina (my boy); Borodulin, and Rippon. No one can predict this lot, but it will be a MUST to view.

The Pairs

Here comes Pang/Tong along with Narumi/Tran (Have I seen them before? in battle with Kavaguti/Smirnov. Seems to me that Broder/Mattall; Denny/Barrett; and Inue/Baldwin have a chance for a medal here. Check it out.

Ice Dance

Another Biggie: D/S to face Davis/White mainly as they did in Russia. Others include: Crone/Poirier; the Kerrs; Anna/Sergei; and Sommersett/Gilles. I remember that haunting waltz S/G did for that Test Dance. You can see it on Yutube. If D/W get a bronze in Russia (11 pts) and a silver in Japan (13 pts) will 24 register for the Final?