Video Cds and VHS Tapes have the same contents

Video CD Volume One
1998 Nagano Olys Gala - Mac the Knife "Here We Go"
1998 Worlds LP - Troika
1998 Worlds Gala - Here We Go
1999 Euro Sp and LP - "Circus" and "Broken Arrow"
1998 Olympics - "Rose"
2000 Japan Open SP and LP - Revolution etude and Gladiator
2000 Worlds Exhibition Tosca
2001 Euro Gala - My Baby You
2001 GPF LP B - Revolution Etude bs1
2001 GPF LP A - Lawrence of Arabia bs1

Video CD Volume Two
2001 GPF LP B - Gladiator
Medal Ceremony and Gala of GPF 2001
2001 Holiday Festival On Ice - Winter
2001 Holiday Festival On Ice - Memorial
2002 Euro Sp
2002 Euro LP
2002 Euro Gala
Olympic Primer Presents Alexei
2002 Olys Short Program Warm Up
2002 olys Short program
2002 Oly Interview after SP
2002 Oly LP Warm Up

Video CD Volume Three
2002 Olys LP
2002 Medal Ceremonies
Exhibition Memorial and Winter
2002 Worlds Intro
2002 Worlds Qualifying
2002 Worlds SP
2002 Worlds Interview about Olys 2002
2002 Worlds LP
2002 Worlds Medal Ceremonies
2002 Worlds Pluff Piece winning worlds
2002 Worlds Appearance in Ladies Final
2002 Gala - Memorial and Winter

Video CD Volume Four
1996 Junior Worlds SP
1996 Junior Worlds LP
1997 Worlds SP
1997 Worlds LP
1997 Lalique LP and Interview about winning against Todd
1997 Cup of Russia LP with Urmanov in Background
1997 GPF Final LP
1998 Olys SP
1998 Olys LP
1998 Worlds Pluff Piece
1998 Worlds SP
1998 Wolrds LP
1998 Skate America LP and Piece about new Coach Tatiana

Video CD Volume Five
1998 Sparkasse LP - Lawrence of Arabia
1998 Lalique LP - Lawrence of Arabia
1999 GPF Pluff piece about his poor life in Russia
1999 GPF LP - lawrence of arabia
Interview with Leslie Visser
1999 Skate America - Pluff piece in "Inappropriate Behavior iN SOI"
1999 Skate America LP - Broken Arrow
1999 Skate Canada SP - Nut Cracker
1999 Skate Canada Lp - broken arrow
Interview about the unexpected win against clean Elvis
1999 Lalique LP
2000 Euro LP
Pluff Piece
1999 Worlds LP - Lawrence of Arabia

Video CD Volume Six
2000 Worlds - Nut Cracker
2000 Worlds - Tosca
2001 GPF - lawrence of arabia ABC
2001 GPF - Gladiator ABC
2001 Worlds - Gladiator ABC
2002 GPF - MITIM and Interview ABC
2002 Euro LP ABC
2000 Worlds SP - Nut cracker CTV
2000 Worlds LP - Tosca CTV
2001 Worlds SP - revolution Etude CTV

Video CD Volume Seven
1999 Master Competion TNT
SP, Interview, LP, Interview
Grandslam of FS 1999 with Julia Soldatova FOX
1999 Skate America SP starsports
1999 Skate America Gala starsports
1999 Skate Canada Gala starsports
2000 Skate Canada LP starsports
2000 lalique LP starsports
2000 lalique Gala starsports
2001 Skate Canada SP starsports
2001 Skate Canada SP starsports
2000 lalique sp starsports

Video CD Volume Eight
2001 Lalique LP starsports
2002 GPF LP A - starsports
2001 Worlds LP CTV
1998 Euro Gala eurosports
1999 Euro Gala eurosports
2000 Skate Canada Gala starsports
2000 Skate America LP starsports
1999 Worlds SP - circus ABC
Pluff piece about Skate Canada 2001 win ABC
2002 Olys sp and lp CBC
2002 GPF Gala starsports

Video CD Volume Nine
Starskates - Dance With Me NBC
StarSkates - Soon NBC
Improvice - Big parade NBC
Improvice - Stand By Me NBC
2000 Sears Open - TNT
Warm Up, Profile and LP - Gladiator
2001 Japan Open TNT
Sp, Interview, LP, Interview with Maria
2001 Europeans ABC
LP Preview ABC
LP Gladiator ABC
Gala MY BABY YOU eurosports
2000 hershey's kisses Gladiator ABC
2001 Boston Ice Chips - stand by me - Alexei Shirtless
2001 Sun Valley Show - Overcome

Video CD Volume Ten
2001 Sun Valley Show - Overcome and Winter (Amateur Video of Fumi)
2001 Goodwill Games Gala - Overcome
2001 goodwill games interview
2002 Worlds long interview with Debbie Wilkes
2002 Olys CBC LP abd interview by Katie Couric
1998 Olys SP and LP NBC
1998 Worlds SP and LP ABC
1998 Skate America LP
2002 Olys "Speedo Shot"
2002 Worlds SP plus two interviews ABC

Video CD Volume Eleven
Art On Ice "Vanessa Mae's" Turandot
Sun Valley Practice, Revolution Etude, Gladiator (Courtesy of Jean)
Alexei in 2000 Worlds Ladies Medal Ceremony Eurosports
2000 Masters SP - Revolution Etude
2000 Masters LP - Gladiator
2001 Masters SP - Winter plus Interview
Masters Profile
2001 Masters LP - MITIM plus Interview
2002 Campbells Ice Moves (Alexei teaching Footwork Sequence)
Campbells' Pluff piece about Olys 2002 and Gold Rush Career
2002 Campbells MITIM

Video CD Volume Twelve
2002 Skate America SP - Drive BS1
2002 Top Jump france 2
2002 Top Jump Interview france 2
2002 Top Jump Gala (Amateur video courtesy of Anke)
CNN Exclusive Alexei about winning 2002 Olys
Aussie's Ice Dreams Aussie Ch7
2002 Worlds Long Program Preview with Alexei on Cellphone TSN
yagudin and friends amateur video (Overcome, winter plus interview)
2001 stars on ice - Gladiator CBC
Much Music Much Demand video (partial clip and a little static)

Video CD Volume Thirteen
Ice Chips - Gladiator
Pluff Piece Preview of SLC games by NBC
Katie Couric with Scott about Alexei's Chances iN SLC 2002
Alexe Profile : RBC Financial CBC
NBC Olympic Preview Alexei Vs Evgeny
2002 Olys LP version by NBC
Interview of Beth (NBC) after Olys LP
Access Hollywood
Long Russian Interview (41 Minutes Partial) caopy

Video CD Fourteen
1996 nations Cup LP
1997 Worlds Exhibition - One Banana
1999 Japan Open Sp and Lp
2001 europeans
2000 Russian nationals sp, fs, and GALA
2001 Worlds Qualifying

Video CD Fifteen
1996 Centennial On Ice Gala
1997 Continent's Cup Ruslan and Ludmila
Continents Cup-carmen
1997 COR LP
1998 GPF Interview
1998 Equal World pro challenge Circus, Inteview and Gala
1999 Euro LP and Interview
2001 Goddwill Games Sp and Lp
2002 Skate America Practice and Interview
1998 World team Championships Circus and Lawrence of Arabia
Royal Bank event

Video CD Sixteen
2002 Canadian Open--Interview on hip injury
Short Program--(Crazy Benny)
LP --(Overcome)
2002 Crest Whitestrips International F.S. Challenge
Free Skate--(Gladiator)
2002 Hallmark's Skater's Challenge-- SP and IF(Overcome)
2002 Holiday Celebration On Ice--(The Typewriter)
2003 Stars On Ice appearances
2002 Expressions on Ice

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