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Thread: Piseev interview on Russian prospects in Vancouver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medusa View Post
    Leonova went brunette for the Worlds.

    Leonova Worlds
    OH! Then bravo, Piseev, and my apologies.

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    Thanks for the translation - and the footnotes. Wonder where HE was last Olympics to say what he did about Evan not in top 5! He did just miss the podium.

    Methinks he says what he wants to believe, not necessarily what IS. Oh well, who am I to say? *shrug*
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    There is this policy of focusing in one skater that either return to save the day (Plusenko) or just emerge with success (LEonova), neglecting the youngest generation, that is why they did not take into account what would hapen after 2006 retirements in all disciplines.

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