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    It’s really good for Johnny that he is going to work with David Wilson !

    By reading the article, I really like what David Wilson said , he’s not only thinking about the points for COP in practical terms but also he cares how skaters move naturally then using the skater’s own natural moves, arranges it to make it even better and more difficult. Unlike the usual robotic look of most COP friendly programs.

    I love Johnny’s Russian skating style, and it’s also great he’s trying other styles as well. I also love his style he did in Poker face. For “Feeling good“, jazzy style for skaters is not my taste honestly, and his “ feeling good “ is not my favorite number but I thought he was doing good job with the music.

    So far it’s difficult to imagine Johnny skating with Spanish music , because it’s new for Johnny, but I’m very excited with this, and to see how he will do it in his own way.

    Many skaters have been skating with Spanish music, and I’ve always believed that getting high PCS does not = skaters are good dancers. Kozuka was not dancing jazz dance in his “ Take Five” but he was skating great and made good impression to judges and audience. I also liked Evan’s “ Zorro” program, even though he was not doing any Spanish dancing in it either .

    Many skaters also skated with tango music last season, but no one was dancing tango but they were getting high PCS. Lambiel’s Flamenco, I thought it was also not a pure Flamenco dance, but he was outstanding doing it with a mixture of his own original style.
    So I think Johnny can skate with Spanish music with his own style, too.

    As for Kurt Browning, I don’t know whether they like each other or not, but what I remember from Kurt’s comments about Johnny was nice.

    In 2007, US Nationals, during his FP, Kurt was commenting about Johnny something like that


    "If Johnny had skated first, this may have turned out different. "


    "Johnny IS one of the best skaters on the planet."

    And also when Johnny lost the title, and before he skated in the exhibition, Kurt was saying something like this directly to him,

    "Johnny, a title does not make a champion. You showed that you are a true champion in the press conference last night “

    I don’t know what Kurt was thinking inside but I thought it was great inspiring words to me at that time. On the other hand, Kurt might have just wanted to cheer Johnny up, though .
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