Video CD Volume One
1998 Skate America SP "Coney Island"
1998 Skate America LP "Medley"
Interview about their bronze medal debut
2002 Olys LP NBC
2002 Olys Gala CBC
2002 Second Medal Ceremony
Jay Leno Interview with Ross the Intern
NBC Dateline Interview
2000 Canadian Nats Gala
2000 Four Continents SP and LP
2000 Worlds Gala
2002 GPF Love Story

Video CD Volume Two
Interview about 2001 Worlds win CTV
2001 Worlds Performance with J&D Commentating CTV
CBC Long interview about 2002 Olys Ordeal
CTV Interview with VICKI
CTV GPF 2002 Gala
2002 Olys SP NBC
2002 Olys RBC Olympians Profile
2002 NBC Exclusive about JD chances against 40 years of
Russian Tradition/Domination
2001 Sears Open
2002 Golden Home Coming opening

Video CD Volume Three
2002 Golden Homecoming interview
2002 Golden Homecoming Rock In the City Number
2002 Golden Homecoming closing
1999 Sparkasse Sp
1999 Sparkasse Lp
1999 Sparkasse Gala
1999 Skate America Gala
2000 GPF LP A
2000 Skate America Lp
2000 Lalique Gala
2001 GPF LP A

Video CD Volume Four
2001 Skate America LP Orchid
2001 Skate Canada LP Orchid
2001 Skate Canada SP Jealousy
2002 GPF LP A Orchid
2000 Worlds SP - Por Una Cabeza
2000 Worlds LP - Love Story
Entertainment Tonight
2001 Sears Open
1999 Skate America LP - Love Story DEBUT
another version of 1998 Skate America Sp and LP