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    Coach Advice

    ive been having some trouble with my coach. she insults me and is always trying to keep me at the same level as her other student even know im her highest level skater. she is sarcastic to me and she makes me very self conscious about my skating. i also dont think shes teaching me good. but everytime i say thats it and get ready to fire her we have a good lesson. im 15 and live in massachusetts and working on double jumps and shes been my coach since i was 12 and ive known her since i was 7 so its very hard to fire her. im starting to look at other coaches but it would be hard to get one and have ice time with her at the times i can get to the rink b/c we live an hr away.
    any advice?
    p.s im going to a skating camp in penn skating 6 hrs a day and taking private lessons with a coach so i may ask her what to do

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    Sarah, first of all, you really should remove your full name from your signature. It's not safe for anyone to post that many personal details, especially a teenager.

    In regards to your coach, hopefully they aren't one of the many people who do read this site. That could make things very awkward for you at the club. It sounds like you need to talk with your parents if you haven't done so already and then schedule a meeting with the coach. Your certainly free to look at other coaches, but due to the professional standings, those coaches should not be talking to you until you've informed your coach that you'll be leaving her.

    Good luck with your situation and please take a minute to edit your profile signature and keep personal details to a minimum .
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    yes. At this level you need somebody who is serious about coaching you. You need a coach that will constantly push you to get better, not suffocate you in remaining the same level. People change coaches all the time. It is not something to be weird about.

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