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Thread: International Skaters for the JGP?

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    International Skaters for the JGP?

    Any news who will be from other countries?

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    Yeah, that would interest me too. Who goes for Russia? Are any of those babies among the Russian "senior ladies" JGP eligible this season?

    I think Isabel Drescher will do JGP again, Hecken got two Senior assignments and Drescher none.

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    Here's an informative thread on this topic at FSU that you can check out:

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    I can't help but disapprove of anyone who skates Senior can also skate JGP. I know the Rule. No need to repeat it again. It's just a thing with me that if a skater gets a taste of the senior level, that is his level. All those other contestants in JGPs haven't got a chance, unless one is super special which I doubt.

    I will not worry about who wins but I will be interested in watching those not eligible for Seniors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medusa View Post
    Yeah, that would interest me too. Who goes for Russia? Are any of those babies among the Russian "senior ladies" JGP eligible this season?

    I think Isabel Drescher will do JGP again, Hecken got two Senior assignments and Drescher none.
    Reitmayerova didn't get any GP assignments as far as I know; so she'll be back.

    Out of the Russian babies who did Senior nationals, only Polina Shelepen is eligible (6th in Seniors, 4th in Juniors). I've seen Adelina Sotnikova's birthday given as either January 11 (but I think this is an error by IceNetwork), July 11 or July 1st (the date given by the Russian fed, which would make her too young by one day!). Tuktamysheva's birthday is December 17, 1996, so she's also too young.

    The Russian fed listed this as their Junior "A" team:

    Junior Team (b.1989-1998) - unless stated otherwise, JGP eligible
    Kristina Astahova & Nikita Bochkov - J7 (Astahova BD is 25.02.1997
    so not JGP eligible)
    Alexandra Vasilieva & Yuri Shevchuk - J6
    Ekaterina Kuklina & Eduard Kushtanov - J5
    Valeria Morozova & Denis Golubev - J4
    Tatiana Novik & Konstantin Medovikov - S7
    Anna Silaeva & Artur Minchuk - New team
    Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov - new team

    Ivan Bariev - J1
    Jean Bush
    Artur Gachinski - J2
    Gordey Gorshkov - J6
    Mark Shamatov - J5
    Alexander Stepanov

    Polina Agafonova - J7
    Nikol Gosviani - J6 (b. 09.09.1996 - not eligible for JGP)
    Ksenia Makarova - J5
    Anna Ovcharova - J16
    Evgenia Pochufarova
    Evgenia Tarasova - J8

    Ice Dance
    Marina Antipova & Artem Kudashev - J3
    Tatiana Baturintseva & Ivan Volobuev - J6
    Valeria Zenkova & Valery Sinitsin
    Elena Ilynikh & Nikita Katsalapov - J4
    Ksenia Monko & Kirill Khaliavin - J5
    Victoria Sinitsina & Ruslan Zhingashin - J7
    Ekaterina Pushkash & Jonathan Guerreiro - new team
    Note that Polina Shelepen is listed with the National team (Leonova, DomShabs, K/S, etc), so I'm assuming that barring injury she'll have two assignments. Ozerova/Enbert are listed on the reserve team.

    Newbies to watch out will possibly be (All IMHO, so take it as you will) Polina Agafonova in ladies, Ilynikh/Katsalapov in dance and maybe Morozova/Golubev in pairs.

    Sheremetieva/Kuznetsov (5th at Junior Worlds in pairs) and Novik/Medovikov (7th at JGP Sheffield) split. Tatiana Novik and Mikhail Kuznetsov are skating together; Sheremetieva also has a new partner. Both teams are eligible for the JGP.

    For what it's worth, here's the "B" junior team, but on the whole they tend to be younger, less experienced and not as good results.

    Maria Deryabina & Mikahil Akulov
    Irina Moiseeva & Vladimir Morozov - JGP eligible
    Ekaterina Petaykina & Maxim Kurdyukov - JGP eligible
    Elizaveta Semenova & Maxim Petukhov

    Ivan Bich - JGP eligible
    Fedosy Efremenko - JGP eligible
    Murad Kurbanov
    Konstantin Miluykov - JGP eligible
    Dmitry Mihaylov
    Artemije Punin - JGP eligible
    Vladislav Tarasenko

    Maria Artemyeva - JGP eligible
    Alexandra Deeva
    Kristina Zaseeva
    Polina Korobeinkova - JGP eligible
    Anna Pogorilaya
    Rosa Sheveleva - JGP eligible
    Elena Radionova
    Anna Shershak

    Dance (all are JGP eligible)
    Evgenia Kosygina & Sergei Mozgov
    Valeria Loseva & Denis Lunin
    Valeria Starigyna & Nikolai Moroshkin
    Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Bukin
    Out of this group, I would think that Petaykina/Kurdyukov, Maria Artemyeva, & Polina Korobeinikova would be the most likely to get assignments based on results from last season, if any.
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    Reposting from FSU... Here are the JGP-eligible skaters/teams as compiled from the 2008-09 ISU Season Best score lists. All scores are Junior unless otherwise indicated. (I've included some placements from Nationals, JGP Final, Europeans, 4Continents, Junior Worlds and Worlds.) The skaters that have received initial JGP assignments are noted below.

    MEN (top 20 scores)
    28 192.66 Richard DORNBUSH USA (JGPF3, J-wd) - assigned
    30 189.12 Ivan BARIEV RUS (JGPF4, J1)
    31 188.21 Keegan MESSING USA (J2) - assigned
    35 184.89 Elladj BALDE CAN (JGPF7, S10, JW8)
    36 184.40 Artem GRIGORIEV RUS (J3, JW3)
    47 175.79 Artur GACHINSKI RUS (JGPF8, J2)
    48 175.44 Nan SONG CHN (JW7)
    51 170.48 Stanislav KOVALEV RUS (J4, JW16)
    60 164.80 Ross MINER USA (J1, JW10) - assigned
    61 163.12 Alexander NIKOLAEV (J7)
    64 161.77 Yuzuru HANYU JPN (J1, S8, JW12) - assigned to POL
    65 160.02 Peter REITMAYER SVK (JW17)
    68 159.17 Christopher BOYADJI FRA (recovering from knee surgery)
    70 158.00 Andrew GONZALES USA (J8) - assigned
    74 155.50 Eliot HALVERSON USA (S13) - assigned
    76 154.06 Alexander MAJOROV SWE (S2, E22, JW13)
    77 153.73 Denis WIECZOREK GER (J3, JW14)
    78 153.53 Austin KANALLAKAN USA (J5) - assigned

    [Note: The fact that Daisuke MURAKAMI JPN (J3, S5) was #53 on the SB scores list with 168.06 55 and Akio SASAKI JPN (J5) was #55 with 167.57 and both did not receive an initial JGP assignment seems to indicate that they may compete as seniors internationally this fall.]

    LADIES (top 20 scores)
    19 153.84 Kanako MURAKAMI JPN (J3, JGPF4, S7) - assigned to POL
    20 149.28 Yukiko FUJISAWA JPN (J8, JGPF2) - assigned to Lake Placid
    21 147.46 Angela MAXWELL USA (JGPF5, S8) - assigned
    22 147.41 Ivana REITMAYEROVA SVK (JW8, E11, W14-SB score)
    25 145.00 Haruka IMAI JPN (J1, S14, JW16) - assigned to HUN
    27 143.02 Kristine MUSADEMBA (JGPF6, S11) - assigned
    35 139.44 Amanda DOBBS USA (JGPF7, J7; not assigned at this time)
    38 137.78 Ksenia MAKAROVA RUS (J5)
    41 136.41 Alexandra NAJARRO CAN (J8)
    46 134.90 Stefania BERTON ITA (E16; now skating pairs only?)
    50 131.50 Na-Young KIM KOR (4C16, W17-SB score; GP last fall)
    55 127.25 Melissa BULANHAGUI USA (not assigned)
    56 126.65 Isabel DRESCHER GER (S5, JW10) - assigned to POL & GER
    57 125.61 Nina PETUSHKOVA RUS (S4; CoR last fall-SB score)
    59 124.95 Sonia LAFUENTE ESP (E23, JW20)
    60 124.50 Kana MURAMOTO JPN (JGP BLR bronze medalist last season, J12; not assigned at this time)
    61 124.18 Miriam ZIEGLER AUT (JW14)
    62 123.88 Cheltzie LEE AUS (4C13-SB score, W33)
    63 123.85 Mae Berenice MEITE FRA (JW12)
    64 123.52 Sandy HOFFMANN GER (S9; not assigned at this time)

    14 151.04 Ksenia OZEROVA / Alexander ENBERT RUS (JGPF-wd, W24) - have 1 GP
    20 142.10 Yue ZHANG / Lei WANG CHN (CoC last fall-SB score, JGPF2, JW8)
    31 131.46 Anais MORAND / Antoine DORSAZ SUI (E12, JW10, W14-SB score)
    32 131.10 Narumi TAKAHASHI / Mervin TRAN JPN (JGPF7, JW7) - have 1 GP; assigned to Lake Placid & POL
    37 127.63 Maddison BIRD / Raymond SCHULTZ CAN (J3, JW6)
    44 120.37 Amanda VELENOSI / Mark FERNANDEZ CAN (S10) - have 1 GP
    47 119.73 Duo CHENG / Yu GAO CHN (JW11)
    51 113.14 Camille FOUCHER / Bruno MASSOT FRA (JW14)
    63 99.41 Sara JONES / Jeremy SANDOR CAN (J2)
    64 98.26 Alexandra HERBRIKOVA / Lukas OVCACEK CZE (JW17)
    66 97.63 Marylie JORG / Benjamin KOENDERINK NED (JW18)
    67 94.22 Anna KHNYCHENKOVA / Sergei KULBACH UKR (JW20)
    68 92.35 Anne Laure LETSCHER / Rudy HALMAERT FRA (J2)
    69 91.28 Rie AOI / Wen Xiong GUO HKG (JW19)

    Notes: As oleada posted above, Ekaterina SHEREMETIEVA / Mikhail KUZNETSOV (they were #29 on the SB Pairs list with 134.80) have split and both have JGP-eligible new pair partners. Sheremetieva's new partner is reportedly Egor Tchudin and Kuznetsov's new partner is Tatiana Novik (so that means Tatiana NOVIK / Konstantin MEDOVIKOV have also split - they were #41 on the SB list with 125.74).

    DANCE (top 20 scores)
    19 163.56 Maia SHIBUTANI / Alex SHIBUTANI USA (JGPF4, J2, JW2) - assigned
    24 159.30 Piper GILLES / Zachary DONOHUE USA (JGPF-wd, J3) - assigned
    29 153.83 Alisa AGAFONOVA / Dmitri DUN UKR (JGPF7, JW13)
    30 152.76 Kharis RALPH / Asher HILL CAN (JGPF6, S5, JW5)
    31 152.29 Karen ROUTHIER / Eric SAUCKE-LACELLE CAN (J1, JW7)
    34 151.10 Rachel TIBBETTS / Collin BRUBAKER USA (J6) - assigned
    36 150.86 Ksenia MONKO / Kirill KHALIAVIN RUS (J5)
    38 149.97 Marina ANTIPOVA / Artem KUDASHEV RUS (JGPF8, J3, JW11)
    44 145.61 Lorenza ALESSANDRINI / Simone VATURI ITA (JW9)
    46 144.88 Isabella CANNUSCIO / Ian LORELLO USA (J5) - assigned
    48 143.20 Valeria ZENKOVA / Valerie SINITSIN RUS
    59 135.92 Tatiana BATURINTSEVA / Ivan VOLOBUIEV RUS (J6)
    61 135.17 Victoria SINITSINA / Ruslan ZHIGANSHIN RUS (J7)
    65 131.97 Olivia Nicole MARTINS / Alvin CHAU CAN (J7)
    67 131.62 Catherine ST. ONGE / Alexander BROWN CAN
    69 127.54 Siobhan HEEKIN-CANEDY / Dmitri ZYZAK UKR
    71 126.16 Ruslana JURCHENKO / Alexander LIUBCHENKO UKR
    72 126.13 Maria POPKOVA / Viktor KOVALENKO UZB
    74 125.50 Veronique DE BEAUMONT-BOISVERT / Sebastien BURON CAN (J6)
    76 124.88 Maria NOSULIA / Evgen KHOLONIUK UKR
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    Thanks Sylvia. If I have the time, I will figure out who will also skate Senior Nationals. I know the age rules; it's just one of my pet peeves.

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