View Poll Results: Which tem did the best job as commentators last season?

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  • Simon Reed and Chris Howarth

    33 50.00%
  • Nancy Kerrigan

    1 1.52%
  • Sandra Bezic and Scott Hamilton

    3 4.55%
  • PJ Kwong

    8 12.12%
  • Kurt Browning and Tracy Wilson

    12 18.18%
  • None of above or I watch without commentary

    9 13.64%
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Thread: Your favorite English-speaking TV commentators (recent)

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    Quote Originally Posted by seniorita View Post
    now i like also this guy , the first one who speaks on video, can you you tell me who they are?
    The first one is Terry Gannon, the second one is Peter Carruthers.

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    Paul Wylie

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    I voted for Paul Wylie & Terry Gannon. Actually I grew up with Uncle Dick & Aunt Peggy so would really have voted for them.

    No Scott & Sandra - NO, NO, NO

    Definitly no Kurt Browning E - V - E - R !!!!!

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    I voted for Chris and Simon though, like Buttercup, the vote is really more for Chris as Simon does very well for a non skating commentator, but Nicky just infuriates me and I'm much happier with Simon on the team!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ladskater View Post
    I don't have a clue who Simon Reed and Chris Howarth are nor their credentials in the figure skating world
    Quote Originally Posted by Buttercup View Post
    Not sure about Simon, but Chris is a former figure skater who now works as a coach and in other capacities related to skating. He knows what he's talking about and understands the scoring system pretty well.
    As Buttercup said Chris Howarth is a former singles skater skating at the same time as Robin Cousins and couple of seasons after. I think he went to the 1980 Olympics and came 15th and the rest of his skating achievements were similar top 15 finishes at worlds and Europeans with maybe an 11th place finish at Europeans once. He is a good technical coach who went over to either Belgium or Holland to try and bring their skating programme on a bit more, then he moved to (i think) California and heads up a skating programme there (i think a GS member skates at the rink he teaches at).

    Simon Reed works for Eurosport commentating on many different sports and skating is one that he's covered for a number of years now. To my knowledge he doesn't have any skating knowledge outside of commentating and gets stung now reading the planned content sheet so if the skater deviates he identifies the wrong jumps according to his crib sheet!

    Quote Originally Posted by Eurofan View Post
    All I know about Simon is that he's the brother of actor Oliver Reed.
    I never knew that!!


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