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Thread: Why is flexibility so appreciated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medusa View Post
    I don't mind if girls can't do the layback spin with the "American"-leg position - but then they shouldn't try that and have the freeleg so ugly bent in the knee. Arakawa simply went for the an easier, but still beautiful, position. Lepistö too. Hah! Found a picture - here. It's easier but not ugly. In contrast to this, which is simply not pleasing to my eye.
    This is what they are trying for.

    "Attitude en point"

    I think in the picture of Alissa Czisny her leg is bent more than it appears from that angle.

    Michelle Kwan did not have a very flexible back. It was hard for her to "lay back" and at the same time maintain the classic "attitude position."

    Later in her career she went with the lowered leg position ("heart spin"), like Lepisto's.

    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    Nicole did have a beautiful spiral. What is it about American skaters and spirals?

    Kristi had nice spirals and so did Nancy.
    Kristi's spiral was only so-so.

    I didn't like Nancy Kerrigan's hand-assisted spiral at all (although many did.)

    I think Michelle (again consciously following Bobek) was the skater who made the spiral into a show-stopping highlight. Before Michelle's time it was just one of several moves in the field that the ladies fleshed out their programs with..
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