Hopefully this is understood as a general comment and should remain in The Edge. It is not about the upcoming GPs but in the future.

Since interest in the GPs has increased over the years, I was thinking it might be wise to allow 10 Finalists instead of 6 or at least 8 so that we can consider who are the TOP TEN (or eight) seem to be heading toward the Olys/Worlds.

As it stands with 6 Finalists, it doesn't open our eyes on skaters who do not make the Finals. Let's give them a chance to show their stuff.

Examples of the Underload of Six Finalists

Ladies this year seem to have 4 contestants already in the Finals, plus a returning Oly medalist The Men's events has so many super skaters that to limit the finals to only 6 is not even fair. The usual front runners in Dance are there but there are other teams worth looking at again. I already see 6 teams in the Finals, why not 2 or more?

Too late to do anything about now, but maybe in the future