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Because the skater from India is the champion of her nation. Every member of the ISU has the right to send its champion to the big show. It's one of the rights of membership.

But about expanding the GP final to 12, ChuckM posted the only point that matters in post #8. It costs money. The ISU doesn't have any. The last set of rules changes for Worlds tried to save money by limiting the number of skaters that make the LP. etc., for the same reason -- not to mention cutting the number of judges down from 12 to 9.
What are ISU rankings for? I know what Tennis rankings are for - they are used to basically determine the field at the Grand Slam tournaments. In a given year the US could have 6 men at a Grand slam. This year at the French open there must have been 10 or more Russian Ladies in the singles draw. Why? Because the Grand Slams are the major tennis events of the season and why would I or many others bother to watch them if they left out many of the best players. It is stupid the way ISU limits = punishes the stronger federations. This year I could care less, even at the Olympics about seeing anything under the top 12 skaters. Why? Because many of them are bad. USA could have atleast 6-8 Ladies this year and the quality of skating would be greatly improved. Why might Caroline, Mirai , Ashley, Kimmie, Alissa, etc, etc, etc, not be skating at the Olympics? It makes no sense to me to have so many skaters that could not make a US Jr team skating while so many better skaters are home. That is partially why TV ratings in USA are so low. Why do we want to watch, in some cases skaters below our average junior skater's level? It is silly and it is wrong. It goes against the Olympic ideal and against the basic rules of competition.
I don't care so much about GP because it is what it is - a money maker for ISU and a way to keep skating in the spotlight. The format. along with the GP champions are not that meaningful or important. But to run a competition and call it a World Championship or an Olympic competiton shoud be about inviting the best and anything less deprives the skaters and fans.