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Thread: skating podcast #28: Tai Babilonia

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    skating podcast #28: Tai Babilonia

    Hello all. Here's a nice looooong podcast interview (1.5 hours!) with Tai Babilonia to help you pass the hot summer days.

    Tai Babilonia, along with her partner Randy Gardner, were two-time Olympians, 1979 World Champions and stars of Ice Capades. Their heartbreaking story about how they had to withdraw from the 1980 Olympics still touches fans to this day. Tai graciously spent a lot of time talking with me about how she started in skating, the current state of US pairs and her mentoring of McLaughlin/Brubaker, and her new journalistic adventures writing for International Figure Skating magazine. And that's just a snippet of what she talks about!

    As always, my podcasts are available both on my website at and on the iTunes Store and are free to download.

    Next month: Slavka Kohout Button

    I hope you enjoy!

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    I just got around to listening to the whole thing. It was great! Thanks!

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    I love the manelywoman Skatecast. I look foward to it each month. Tai was one of the best guests becuase
    • she told so much
    • i already knew who she i could relate more
    • the interview was nice and long
    • she talked about "mr. nicks"
    • she was so honest
    • she has a great story to tell

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