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Thread: Oxygen coverage up on line!

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    Oxygen coverage up on line!

    Universal Sports has put some of the Oxygen coverage up on line again. Thanks to jaws12345 for spotting this (in the favorite commentators thread in the voting booth).

    This is the first I have seen them have the OD up. (And it's by accident , because it's labelled FD)

    Quote Originally Posted by jaws12345
    The last two-group-coverages for the '09 Worlds on Oxygen/NBC have been updated at the Universal Sports, available in the US only.

    Ladies SP and FS:

    Men's SP and FS:

    Original Dance (labelled Free Dance, but it's actually the OD!)

    Pairs Free:

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    Thanks for the videos, Doris. I find watching videos after I've seen the actual skate LIVE, realize how different impressions one gets of the same skate. In the Ladies SP, for example, one has to work at the performance with strong eyes while in the videos, one can watch and relax. I just watched the Ladies SPs and decided that skaters appear much better on video than they do LIVE.

    I believe it has a lot to do with that camera constantly focusing on the skater and
    framing her as if she were on a procenium stage. It just doesn't look like that LIVE.

    I agreed with the SP results on video the same as when I saw them live in this case, but not always.

    The standout performance, for me, was Alena Leonova. She's better than we think and will improve even more.

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    is there anyway to record these streams?

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