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Curious comment:

(06/24/2009) - When it comes to Brandon Mroz, we ain't seen nothing yet.

"After he competed at his first senior worlds and took a look around, he realized the top men have as close to the total package as you can get," the skater's coach, Tom Zakrajsek, said.

"He's got kind of a playful personality; there's a little bit of a twinkle in his eye," added Catarina Lindgren, one of his choreographers.

"I see him as a big personality who can relate to a crowd. He's the kind of skater you would say, 'I would really like to have him in my show.' That's the kind of role I see him moving into."

I don't quite see him as a big personality on the ice at this point. Maybe that is where they hope to see him at the end of the season.