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Thread: The Siudeks have a baby boy

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    The Siudeks have a baby boy

    Just saw this!

    Mariusz and Dorota Siudek welcomed their first child, Richard, to the world on Wednesday July 7. (Seven weeks early).

    I hope everything is alright, seems that the baby came a bit early.

    Congratulations for the new family !

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    This is such lovely news! Congrats to the Siudeks!

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    Baby's name is RYSZARD (in polish)-not Richard. I read it was in honor of their former Canadian coach Richard Gauthier. According to Siudeks, Gauthier had a great impact on their personal (not only sport) life. Isn't it sweet?
    I hope Rysio is healthy and everything will be ok.

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    Thread temporarily closed awaiting official announcement from the parents.

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