I'm looking for pictures of Japanese skaters to an article. It would be published in a Polish magazine about Japan - "Torii". I would be very glad if someone could help me and send such pictures. Of course they will be described, who is an author of them.
Please, don't give me links to professional photographers' websites, pictures may be taken by you. Also, professional photographers want a money - I understand it, but I won't be able to pay, I don't have any benefits for articles (like volunteer).

Actually, I'm a student of Japanese culture and I like figure skating, I want to connect these two passions in this article. And I want to show people who are interested in Japan that there is something more intersting in Japanese sport than sumo and baseball! I just need pictures, so please, help me ^^.

PS. I'm sorry if I posted this in wrong section, I wasn't sure, where I should do it.