The competitors have been posted as well as the schedule: All of the links are available on the main page.

Notable Entries:

JR Ladies:
Katlynn McNab (US N7)
Kaetlyn Osmond (CAN N1)
Kitty Qian (CAN N2)
Kelly Zhou (US J10)

JR Men:
Ronald Lam (CAN J4)
Bela Papp (FIN J1)
Liam Firus (CAN J10)
Nam Nguyen (CAN N1)

SR Ladies:
Kathryn Kang (CAN 5)
Mira Leung (CAN 6) Short only
Cambria Little (CAN J2)

SR Men:
Vaughn Chipeur (CAN 2)
Jeremy Ten (CAN 3)
Kevin Reynolds (CAN 4) Short only

SR Pairs:
P Lawrence/R Swiegers (CAN 4)

SR Dance:
T Harvey/K Gagnon (CAN J2)

There looked like there will be some strong competition in Novice/Pre-Novice too. I didn't look too closely, so don't be offended if I missed your favourite skater!