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Thread: 2009 Quebec Summer Championships (Aug. 6th-9th)

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    2009 Quebec Summer Championships (Aug. 6th-9th)

    I've noticed there wasn't a thread for this event, so I thought I'd start one. The info for the competition is listed under "Championnats québécois d'été"

    Some of the participants:

    Sr Men:
    - Shawn Sawyer
    - Adam Rippon
    - Ian Martinez
    - Paul Poirier

    (I see that Marc-André Craig is listed for the LP---I guess he's back?)

    Sr Ladies:
    - Joannie Rochette (SP only)
    - Cynthia Phaneuf
    - Amélie Lacoste

    Sr Pairs:
    - Dubé & Davison
    - Duhamel & Butin (SP only)
    - Brodeur & Mattatall (SP only)

    Sr Dance:
    I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't recognize any of the couples listed. :o

    For those are who are planning to attend, is there anyone who is willing to record (at least some of) the performances?
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    I don't know yet if I'll be able to record, seeing as I might be volunteering (not to mention the fact I'm quite bad at recording... seeing the program through the tiny screen drives me crazy!), but I'll try to report back on some of the top skaters' programs


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    Can we get youtubes?

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    Okay, so I will be there all 4 days, and should be able to see most of the senior events in which the skaters are of a rather high-profile (ie. the better known ones to me, so prominent on the national and international stage). I will have my camera with me, but I don't know about taking videos because the quality will be quite bad.

    If you have any request on how a particular skater (regardless of the level) does, just PM me and I will try to take some notes


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    Thanks Kypma - keep your eyes open for any up and coming skaters with potential too, always fun to see them getting going as well as updates on our reputable favs!

    This is also a developmental international for US, and hopefully should see some good skating in those events too.

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    Thanks Siber and Kypma!

    I picked out from the Senior Pair that Eric Radford is now with Anne-Marie Giroux? I knew there was a rumor around because of Kirkland's inability to land jumps, but they never show signs of splitting, when did this happen? I would love to know how this new team work out
    I am also surprised that Velenosi and Fernandez did not split...

    For the dance,Mylène Girard and Jonathan Pelletier are the better-known pair, they teamed up last season. It was a shame that Girard and Dougherty split in a year, they were such a good match.

    Louis-Philippe Sirois landed a quad in the Challenge last year...would like to see how he develops this year...
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