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There weren't any American girls entered in Pre-Novice, so that doesn't seem possible.

Three US ladies (Katarina Kulgeyko, Courtney Hicks, Cassandra Shaw) are entered in Novice, but only Juvenile and Pre-Novice events were held yesterday.
This happened during practice, though, so I don't know which events they are entered in. Maybe the girl was pre-novice last year, or something to that effect, I'm not too sure

Otherwise, yesterday I watched the Junior men, which were quite impressive even with some missed jumps; after all, after sitting through endless groups of pre-novice and novice ladies, it was a nice change to see triple-triple combinations No one really stood out, although all of them seemed to make good efforts and one skater in particular missed his Lutz several times in warmup but landed it in the program, so that was nice. Also, Shaquille Davis has a really neat entry into his flying sit spin, it's kind of like a twizzle and suddenly he jumps up and spins right upon landing.

I overheard that Camille Caron, in pre-novice ladies, has been winning several competitions, and was first in both her short and long program groups. Her long has nice doubles (all 3 combinations were double-doubles, better than many competitiors who had singles as the second jump, whether intentional or not), good spins (including a Bielmann which drew applause from the crowd!), and a nice program overall, so I'd say she would be one to follow. However, since Nationals are now only for Junior and Senior, it'll be a while before we see her in a larger competition.

Pre-novice pairs was okay, one team had a very nice double twist (the other 2 had singles) and good lifts, and is it possible I saw side-by-side double axels in another team? I don't think so (then again, after the double Lutz in pre-juvenile men, I'm kind of confused), but they were very tidy jumps, with tight legs/ankles and good synchronisation.

I didn't stay to watch Novice pairs, seeing as Junior men were on at the same time, but all 3 teams were American; so much for the Quebec Summer Championships!! Glad to have you guys, though, it makes for some interesting competition -- junior men's starting order was an American, followed by a Spanish skater, and then a Canadian. Talk about international