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Thread: Kwan makes decision. She's out. :(

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    I have to say I am sad that Michelle will not be comming back for the Olympics. I have to say figure skating has not been the same since she stopped competing.

    I know it would have been an extrememly competitive field but if anyone was up for the challenge, it was Michelle. I wish her the best of luck!

    Long live the Kween

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    Quote Originally Posted by delobelfan30 View Post
    As for Irina and Fumie since you mention them. Despite that Irina was much stronger than Kwan at the point both were last seen under COP (which in Kwan's case was only one competition experience under it while nursing an obvious hip injury) I think Irina's chances if anything would be even less than Kwan if she returned now. She is 31 years old and did well to squeeze another couple years of top level competitive figure skating out of her ailing body, but maybe lost a race vs time for Turino as it was. Fumie? Fumie is a skater who in her prime could only win a bronze medal if others fell and she skated well (and still sometimes didnt like in Turin) and at this point in her career is able to come 8th at Worlds if she skates well and others fall apart, only even at Worlds if someone bombed at Nationals mind you, and whose clean shorts are outscored by triple toe Lepisto, Flatt with a mistake, and Elene G. with a mistake. I dont think Fumie has a prayer of doing anything in Vancouver, and I doubt she will even make the team.

    When I said Elena L. I meant Kwans's chance in 2010 would be about what Elena L's were in 98 or 2002 sort of thing. Not Kwan's in 2010 would be about the same as Elena L's in 2010. Even that was maybe a bit harsh but you get the idea.
    Too Funny!

    I apologize - I missed the snarky, sarcastic undertone and thought you were serious in your first post based on the men's comments under Returing Skaters!!!

    Foolish Kwanford Wife... And I sooo needed a giggle on a Tuesday afternoon...

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    Nobody ever gripped my attention more when he or she skated than Kwan did and my heart was always in my throat because I wanted her to do well and win. I thought my interest in the sport would diminish when she stopped skating but it only did to a small extent. It's still a compelling sport without her. I wish her well.

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