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Thread: Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships (Aug. 4-8, 2009)

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    Monitoring Sessions?

    Did anyone see any of the monitoring sessions?

    I was able to see Maia and Alex Shibutani and another team (they were in the same group in the 1980 rink) but I was wondering if anyone had any video links or had seen any of the other skaters like Samuelson/Bates, and Navarro/Bommentre. I saw Kim and Brent compete their FD and I liked it much more than their program last season.

    I was surprised to see the skaters being monitored because I had been told that the monitoring sessions were closed to the public. So I was very excited when I saw the Shibutanis. They looked very strong--faster and even more mature (it looks like Maia has grown some)...
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    Due to a power outage at the arena, they weren't able to use the 1932 rink for the first group of monitored teams. A few people who hung around the 1980 rink were able to watch the Shibutanis and Gilles/Donahue. The power came back on around noon time, so all the other teams did their regular schedule on the 1932 rink. It was closed to the public and about all you could do was peek through a small space in the window.

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    I'm glad to hear Maia has grown a little bit.

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