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Thread: Jenny Kirk: The Overzealous Skating Parent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwanford Wife View Post

    Its a sport dominated by little girls and young women who work really hard to do things the human body is not designed to do and it costs tons of money with the only payout coming for a blessed few...

    Also, parents will lose their minds around their children's sporting endevours - regardless of the level so I'm not surprised to hear that the costlier, the crazier the parent. Such is life...

    I can't agree more, this is so true! Especially the point that this sport is dominated by little girls.

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    How much is honesty and how much is that Jenny Kirk wants to be a journalist?

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    ^ I think Jennifer Kirk's recent blogs are totally -- even painfully -- honest. She seems to be using her blog to exorcise a lot of her own personal demons and to work through unfinished emotional conflicts.

    (Plus, she wants to be a journalist. )

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