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Thread: John Hughes Died Today

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    John Hughes Died Today

    I am so heartbroken to read that John Hughes died today at 59 from a heart attack... it feels like a my youth died with him...

    I always say that what's wrong with today's teenagers is that they don't have enought John Hughes in their lives...So many memories of my teen years are wrapped up in his movies - the two best:

    I remember making my mom watch Sixteen Candles so she'd understand the angst

    I remember the time I attended a student government conference at the high school where they shot the Breakfast Club & a group of us snuck into the library to dance on the card cataloge.

    This has NOT been a good summer for the Generation Xers... actually it kinda sucked....

    RIP John Hughes.

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    I am so sad about this!! He wrote and/or directed some of my favorite movies. I can watch them over and over again and to this day they all still play on television somewhere.

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    Sadness. I love The Breakfast Club.

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