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Thread: Lutai Prepares for Olympic Season

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    News Lutai Prepares for Olympic Season

    Andrei Lutai is a strong contender for the Russian Olympic team this season, but it won't be a walk through the park, and he knows it. Competition inside Russia has been tough for decades, and once again, there is whole group of talented young men competing for two spots at the Olympic Games and World Championships in 2010.


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    But I think it would be better if he would be less good natured and more fierce. More fierce, not only in life, but during the practice process. As we saw with Zhenia (Plushenko), he is not good-natured but fierce in practice. If Andrei can acquire this kind of fierceness and is demanding more from himself, he can achieve very high results
    I am sure Plushenko is flattered.

    But it's a great article, thanks for it.

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    Yes, I spotted Tatjana Flade's article the other day from the front page, and was very glad to have that available. I have become quite lazy about posting, but I should like to take this opportunity to say thank you, and my thanks to Tatjana as well.

    I am looking forward to seeing what Lutai will show us in the coming season, hoping that videos from Russian Nationals will magically appear on YouTube.

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