Hi skating fans! The next installment of the Manleywoman SkateCast is available. It's a great interview with Debi Thomas, who I found to be one of the most candid and down to earth people I've met so far. And chatty as well . . . . the interview is loooooong at 1 hour 25 minutes! And that was after we talked about the current state of medicine for about an hour before I started recording.

Also, a reminder that I finally created a page on Facebook for the podcasts. So please go an become a fan there if you can (search for manleywoman skatecast). The more statistics I can show to sponsors (how many fans I have, how many people are downloading, etc) the more chance for sponsorship I can get. I've been doing these podcasts as a labor of love for three years now, and will continue to do them, but it is a lot of time/money out of my pocket and I'm hoping to find an occasional sponsor here and there to help out with bandwidth, etc.

As always, the interviews are on the www.manleywoman.com website or at the iTunes Store.