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Thread: JGP Budapest, HUN (Aug. 26-29, 2009)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzz View Post
    Thanks to everyone for postings the results and links etc.

    I would really like to know where Russia is getting all these rocking juniors in gymnastics and figure skating from.
    Well it's not like Russia doesn't know how to develop good figure skaters or gymnasts. :lol: They practically made gymnastics what it is today, and well were a huge part of skating. The problem was after the Soviet Union lots of coaches left, there was no more funding or free lessons etc. Parents couldn't afford to get their kids lessons.

    Now though things are a lot better. The government is getting back into the business of really funding sports like skating and gymnastics. Wages are up so a lot of Russian coaches in gymnastics and figure skating are moving back to Russia.
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