JSF announced entries for the Finlandia Trophy yesterday.

Takahito Mura
Daisuke Murakami
Daisuke Takahashi

Aki Sawada
Nana Takeda

Takahito desparately needs to get himself on the podium to earn points to get a ticket to Vancouver- he has great jumps (super high 3A, a 50-50 4T) and his basic skating is improving too.
It will be Dai Takahashi's first competition in more than 1 1/2 years. Almost positive that he will win the gold if he performs okay- depending on the other candidates in the Men's.
Let's see how well Dai Murakami can appeal himself to the judges in his first Seniors competition. A good performance here, the NHK, and the Japan Nationals, will get him a ticket to the 4CC beating the other candidates (like Nanri, Nakaniwa) - and 2 slots to the GPS next season.

Nana Takeda slipped in the NHK TBA slot in the last minute. She didn't do well in the GPS last year due to leg injury- which in my guess, has a lot to do with overweight ) If she gets herself shaped up, she can get her jumps back (3T-3T, Flip at least- can give up Lz) , her other elements are steady and she can get a PB with 160+. She needs it
Aki Sawada- anyone remember her? Was one of the top skaters in the Juniors during 2004- 2005- 2006, one of the best jumpers. Has been suffering through 2 seasons from overweight. Takeshi Honda has been looking after her jumps from last season (as well as Mai Asada, Mao's sister), and it's all up to her jumps if she can survive in the Japanese Ladies' field or not.

Any info on other entries, anyone?