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Thread: Help with nerves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PolymerBob View Post
    On another message board, I read that some coaches give their skaters a shot of whiskey to calm their nerves. I don't know how true that is. I can't see how that could possibly help.
    LOL! I think that rumor may have been planted by opponents' coaches. . .

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    haha ya thats a bit extreme

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladskater View Post
    Many skaters - even top skaters - go through this. I used to feel that way too. My knees went like "jello" ...
    Your knees went like jello? I think I need a bit of that! My knees go extremely stiff. If I don't fight it hard enough and let the fear rule, I am not able to skate at all, as I managed to see at one competition. My knees went so hard that I was not able to jump. But I mean, not jump at all! I have done whole programs without jumps! (to be able to jump, you need to bend the knees first!)

    Luckily since then I had another competition where I managed to persude my knees and my head that I am the one who rules and not the fear!

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