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Thread: French Masters

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    Brian long program is a little improvement from his usuall. Yes there is more substantial choreography but it is jagged. None of choreography flows into or is conected to the elements except once or twice.

    Amadio looks great. Wow, love the short; especially the first step sequence. Cant wait to see how he does in the GP. After looking at Amadio's it really reflects how brian program program is kinda empty and needs to be " pulled together".
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    blanc/ bouquet:

    very cute, nice twizzles, fun choreo and the little things - anciently authentic yet with their own touch


    very interesting choreo. very funky and unique.

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    after seeing the whole program i have more respect for it, i do agree that there is muc more chreographic content than his freeskates of the past which is always a good thing. I just hope it does not get "watered down" by the olympics. i like the msic, but the vocals make me slightly nervous. i am very surprised he is taking that risk again. even if ISI officals okay it in France, why chance the olympic committe?

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