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Thread: Today is "WORLD FOOD DAY"

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    Today is "WORLD FOOD DAY"

    Did you know today is World Food Day?

    Here is some info for those interested:

    It's sad to think that there are those people - even in our own communites - who don't get enought to eat each day.

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    It is a shame that in a country such as ours that one of life's basic needs is not being met for a lot more people than you would realize. Most cities have food banks/pantrys that depend on volunteer help. If you are not already helping in some way, either individually or through a group that you are associated with please make an effort to become involved. In my town all of the church's collect food as an on going project. For the past two years the woman's club that I belong to has made the food pantry one of our president's special projects. At each meeting we bring food items and on two days a week our club members actually staff the pantry. I have incorporated this into my Girl Scouts program also. Girls may choose to bring two items for the food pantry instead of dues to meetings and at all of our events part of admission is always a nonperishible food item. Pantrys especially need protien/entree type items all of the time. During the holiday season it is nice to donate dessert mixes, spices, extracts etc. for cakes, pies, candies, as these folks appreciate a holiday treat just like the rest of us. This is such a rewarding project. Please, if you do not already do so, make an effort to become involved in some way.


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