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Thread: blatant plagiarism

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    Thumbs down blatant plagiarism

    Lionel Richie's Song:
    2NE1 "I Don't Care":

    G Dragon plagiarizing everybody!

    How could anyone in charge in this company possibly believe they could get away with this?
    What is so hard about getting the rights to use the beats or asking to do a remake?!

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    I am not saying it is "right."

    However, it is in a different key, has a different time signature and the lyrics are Definably different - one of those factors alone could be the difference. Biggest to me is Recognition. I could not recognize the 2 if I listened to random parts as well I doubt the immediate audience would either. I.M.O. No laws violated there. I get some things like Huey Lewis I Want A New Drug vs. Ray Parker jr's Ghostbusters. This ... I feel is more lack of creativity with a desire to be popular more than it is to be a creative musician. j.m.o.

    Wiki has some feedback on this as well:indiff:

    If it any consolation to you, I imagine they will not be popular for very long. Just a hunch. Bad side is they will likely "hook-up" with some rich "ta'do" and live happily ever after.

    One more quick thought on this ...

    Creativity .... ponder...... not without inspiration / influence / impression. I think most people recognize a thing or two when listening to music, sometimes I hear people say "I love this song" and 10 seconds in they are saying that wasn't the song I thought it was."

    And some I do agree are just over the top. They take key elements of the song that made it popular and emphasize on it.
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