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I see - that's why a US-American couple is currently leading the ice-dance competition at Nebelhorn with, let's see, 14 points or something like that? Thanks for the useful explanation.
That couple happened to finish 4th at 2009 Worlds, and it was assumed that they would win this competition by a wide margin. Their closest competitors, the Zaretskis, were 13th at Worlds, and the big point difference after the OD between the two is entirely expected.

That has nothing to do with the subject, which is stacking panels so they are overwhelmingly one-sided. I would object just as much to a panel that was composed of mostly Asian and non-NA, non-European judges (eg. CHN, JPN, TPE, KOR, AUS, RSA). IMO, the ideal panel would be balanced and an attempt made to ensure that no one area is over-represented.