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Thread: Preparation of the Russian team, pre-Olys

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    Preparation of the Russian team, pre-Olys

    I didn't know where to put it, so I started a new thread, you can also use for the rest of the russian team who, apparently, does not have their own thread, but here you, it's a link to an interview with the vicepresident of the RFSF where he talks about the plans for the Russian team, it's not translated word by word, just the general idea. It says that:

    - The Russian fed plans to have their last stage of preparation for the team in Canada because they have to get used to the environmental conditions as well as the time difference (11 hours).
    - The Russian team will be staged in Abbotsford, 50 miles from Vancouver, where the team will have at its disposal a sports complex with training rooms, pool and a skating rink that it's actually Olympic size.
    - He says that as for any language problems, there's a lot of students in the university there that comes from the former soviet union and they have volunteer to help and take care of the team.
    - The team will live in Ramada hotel.
    - For what I understood, they will arrive from January 31st on, first pairs, then men, dance and ladies. Two days before they have to compete, they will move to the Olympic Village.
    - Finally his prediction for Olympics, he thinks that they can fight for gold in ice dancing and get a medal in pairs, and after watching Plushenko, he now truly believes that there is a high chance for gold.

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    Thank you, Ximena.

    I am always glad to get news about the Russian skaters.

    Unfortunately, I am too busy and too tired to post much any more, but I love to get the news about skaters who interest me. I am hoping that YouTube will provide ample opportunity to see the Russian skaters in action at the Russian Nationals.

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