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    Quote Originally Posted by cuttingedge View Post
    Judging from Chipeur's results in the Grand Prix events, it's not looking too good for him. He has done the worst compared to the other contenders for that second spot (the others being Ten, Reynolds and Sawyer) in terms of both placement and points. Here are their season bests thus far:

    188.47 Kevin REYNOLDS - Cup of China 2009 (8th place)
    179.58 Shawn SAWYER - Rostelecom Cup 2009 (8th place)
    178.87 Jeremy TEN - NHK Trophy 2009 (10th place)
    176.36 Vaughn CHIPEUR - NHK Trophy 2009 (11th) place)

    Chipeur even scored an embarrassingly low 155.43 to place dead last at TEB. The other three still have one more grand prix event each, so it will be interesting to see who can make the best impression on the international scene before nationals in January. I think most are looking to Chipeur and Ten to fill the second spot, but I wouldn't count out Reynolds and Sawyer. It all depends on who steps up when they have to.
    And the answer? No one. Sawyer's the only man to crack 200, and he medalled, so I think he's the frontrunner for the second spot - momentum is on his side, and he's a previous Olympian, so maybe he'll handle the pressure of this season better than the other three (Chipeur seems to be regressing from last season, and I don't know what's going on with Ten).

    But yeah, Chipeur's all but out.

    Truthfully, I'm more curious about France. Amodio is one of those who I think can be an accidental star of the games (his story, his skills, the fact that he's quite cute); Ponsero is probably the most purely talented of the next three and Preaubert actually medalled in a reasonably deep field.
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