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Thread: The glass is more than half full - re: Canadian television broadcasting and ISU

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    The glass is half full - re: Canadian television broadcasting and ISU

    Okay pals, even though it is taking forever, we are getting there...

    -It seems like the petitions by KittyKins et al are working. Even though it is not over yet...good job Kittykins and all those who wrote to Skate Canada, CBC, TSN and TSN.

    -Scroll down the link...there is an update on the CBC and ISU issue over the tv rights for the grand prix package.

    - I never knew baseball is doing so well in Canada...over 200% increase


    *cough* what does skating have to do to get 200%*cough* :\

    maybe, hiring the Terminator will rock the skating world :D

    Here is the link, enjoy:>

    Bluechick - so proud of herself for remembering where to post this link.

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