Sui/Han are so good and so cute! Their videos from JGP Dresden don't seem to be up yet, but here are their skates from JGP Minsk, which they also won.

I love how they got the audience clapping from the get-go in the SP.

They had PB's in Minsk (153), and beat that by 12 points in Dresden (165), so they must've skated even better! Can't wait for the new videos. They have great flow, presentation, spins, lifts, and awesome throws. It's great that they save their throw 3S for the very end of the LP. He seems the best among the young pairs guys from China, in terms of posture and technique and strength. She's just so cute and adorable! Doesn't her face look a little like Pang's, though? I feel like this couple and their coach(es) pay a lot more attention to presentation, choreography, music, and costumes than Bin Yao's pairs, even the older ones. No?

Too bad she's 18 days too young for them to compete in the GP's... Well, they are storming the JGP's, and they should be doing well in JGPF and JW!