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Thread: School of Rock

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    School of Rock

    Saw this last night and enjoyed it a great deal. It did a great job of showing that it's important to inspire kids to not always follow the norm within reason and also showed that sometimes you can't have your ideal dream, but life can still be great.

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    I liked this movie. It was a good family, feel good kind of thing. What amazed me was the talent of those kids...they were awesome!

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    Haven't seen it yet, but have been a huge Jack Black fan since I saw him in "High Fidelity" (ca '98?). I think he's that rare combination of an actor who can smoothly go from cartoon whacked out comedy to natural realism. Has also moved me in some of his work. And yeah, I think he's sexy too Finances and movies being what they are, I may have to wait to see "School of Rock" on DVD--and turn up the sound really loud, lol. Though seriously, the music is why I'd like to see it in a theater.

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    I have seen preview for the movie and it looks funny! Maybe I will see it this weekend. I just saw "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Lost in Translation". Both were good.

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