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Thread: Mao doesn't understand her own program?

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    Mao doesn't understand her own program?

    I watched Mao's interview on TV 2 days ago, and it was just shocking.
    When the interviewer asked her about the slapping choreography, well, her answer was way beyond my expectation.

    Matsuoka(Interviewer): The slapping choreography in your LP is very impressive. What does it mean? Who is it that you're supposed to slap?
    Mao: I don't know. (Mao answers in a serious and polite tone)
    Matsuoka : Oh, er, right... Still, the expression is very, very strong!
    Mao : Yes it is.

    TEB is only this weekend, and this worries me. (Is it just me?)

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    Mao: I don't know. (Mao answers in a serious and polite tone)
    She actually laughed, IIRC. IMHO she was just surprised about the silly question. The whole interview was ridiculous. I don't think some of the Japanese reporters are getting the meaning of "artistic impression". They had a whole program of nice choreographic touches to pick from - hand gestures, spread eagles, arabesques, the quality of steps and spirals... Instead they chose IMHO the poorest moment of the whole FS and were like "Oh, Mao slaps herself in the face and makes an "o" fexpression! Surely this means that her artistic scores will be through the roof!"

    Later on she answers that the slapping is a representation of Tarasova's power, and that she's trying to channel her strenght. Mao even calls it "Tarasova magic". It was sort of cute, actually.

    I think Mao is "getting" her program, it's just that it doesn't suit her much. I wish she was able to pick music for herself. I'll allow myself to quote inskate from FSU/BoI:

    Quote Originally Posted by inskate
    H*ly c*w!!! According to a report on Mao's forum:

    "But I got some interesting titbits about her new SP. According to an interview for a magazine, Caprice was actually her SP not EX!!!
    Though TAT really wanted to use Masquerade from the first time, Mao wanted something new and chose Caprice. "

    However, when they started to go over the choreography, TAT felt it was lacking something and gave Mao a fan. Because she felt that the program looked much better with a fan, she asked Mao to do it as an EX, and use Masquerade as her SP again. According to a different article, her Masquerade SP is basically the same as her LP last season, but shorter.

    What's interesting, "Bells" wasn't Mao's first choice either. TAT gave her two pieces of music to chose from, and Mao picked the other one, because she felt "Bells" was too dull to skate to. But again, when they started going through the choreo, TAT wanted Mao to switch to "Bells". Mao said that she learned to appreciate the music, it's rhythm and the feeling of "something bubbling from the underground"...

    ...But I'm still interested what was Mao's first choice. Those pieces of music she chose for herself - like Nocturne, Fantasie Impromptu or Caprice - ulitmately became her best programs!

    What makes me more worried than LP is the fact that she now has two programs with heavy, monotonous music - while she shines in programs with more emotions and variations, like Nocturne, So Deep is the Night, Tango, Caprices, etc. Also, her jumping layout is troublesome and she's relying too much on jumps that are risky (3A, 3F-3L) and those that she acquired recently or changed her technique (3S,3T,3F working on fixing 'toe hammer' and making 3-3s starting with 3F unreliable because of not enough speed on the landing). IMHO se should repeat 3F (3F-2L-2L and as a solo jump) 3L (3L-3L or one as a solo) and do just one 3A. But now it might be too late to change jumping layout (and work up the consistency on the new one)...

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    I think Mao is "getting" her program, it's just that it doesn't suit her much.

    This is the problem. I keep wondering if there will changes to this program before the season is over.

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    Don't give up on her yet.
    I think she inpterpretes the music in her own way and we shall see what she delivers tomorrow.

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    I just watched her practice video and I'd be lying if I said she looked ready...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marie_S View Post
    Mao: I don't know. (Mao answers in a serious and polite tone)

    TEB is only this weekend, and this worries me. (Is it just me?)
    I think Mao said " I don't know (how to explain, it's difficult)" not " I don't know (why I do such action)". I believe she feels sometihing from music, but has difficulty to explain it. That's Mao's world

    If you really worry her, let's believe her! TEB is soon!

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