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Thread: Patrick Chan withdraws from Rostelocom Cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycho View Post
    Well, acknowledging it is the first step. Good for you.
    Well aren't we rude this morning.

    Quote Originally Posted by psycho View Post
    Pay no attention to the Chan Koolaid drinkers. They tend to think he is the Second Coming and he is the one who has the greatest spins, footwork, choreo, jumps ever. It's not even an issue of memory, it an attention span problem.
    I don't think any of us are Chan Koolaid drinkers. None of us have ever said he has the greatest footwork, spins, choreo, and jumps ever. He is very talented but is not without his areas of improvement. Plushenko fans are the ones who have come in and taken issue with everything that has been said. Anyways, this thread is about Patrick! I believe there is already a Plushenko thread in the main forum...which is full of Plushenko "Kool aid drinkers" which I'm sure you have visited frequently!

    Quote Originally Posted by skatingbc View Post
    I hope you are not implying that Plushenko has the best footwork, choreo, and spins ever. I would give you jumps because yeah, the dude can jump! However, IMO, he is nowhere even close to being the greatest at everything else though.
    That's what I thought too but apparently we're wrong!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonichelle View Post
    rarely do I just blindly follow the judges rulings...
    very very true!

    But evgeni has been having standing ovations from the audience since he was 15 and skated in Euros 1998. No he doesnt have the best footwork, spins or choreo, but he gets people on their feet, and unless audience is an alien body he has to have something, all this about he just jumps ...anyway everybody sees what he wants to see.

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