At this rate it's not clear Mao will win the silver. Which begs the question even more, why aren't their more practice reports/videos of the other ladies who might have a good chance of medaling? Not to mention the other disciplines, indeed!

I looooove Mao, but I can't decide which I want more: for Mao to go to a new coach, or for Caroline to go to a new coach. They both need it desperately. I'm so upset with how Tarasova has been managing Mao's programs and training last season and this. Mao, bring back at least one of those 3-3's, and stick with one 3A, you had much better success rates on the 3-3, and the much riskier 2 3A-layout doesn't even bring you extra base TES! And those programs. Argh. Bells for LP, okay, but please, swap Masquerade for Caprice for the short. Oh, please, please. It would just be amazing!